Transition Updates


A “Transition Team” was established in the spring of 2014 to work with the interim pastor to facilitate a process to lead North Pres through the transitional stages necessary to begin the search for new pastoral leadership. The Team met on a regular basis to draw up plans for moving the church forward.
The Transition Team was not a decision making group and definitely was not a search committee, but rather a group who coordinated a multi-faceted congregational dialogue, exploring where North Church has been as a faith community and the hopes/dreams for the future. A significant amount of effort has been spent in a discernment process over the last few years and much of that work was informative with this endeavor.
The team has completed their work and North Pres Church is ready to move forward in the next step in the search for new pastoral leadership.
The work of this team can be viewed in the three parts that follow:
The congregation has moved ahead in this process. We have a Pastor Nominating Committee that has been meeting weekly and is proceeding through the steps necessary to search for a new pastor.
Interim Pastor Cheryl Ann recently (June 2015) conducted an Appreciative Inquiry process to help North Pres focus on our future. The questions and answers can be found by clicking on the link below:
           “In Joy and In Hope: Celebrating the Gifts of North    Presbyterian Church